Health Riot’s Cassava flour

Our story

The story of Health Riot is a simple one.

Hi, my name is Valeska. My husband, Christiaan and I turned to paleo in 2012 when our first child was born. She was so tiny and fragile and everything I ate seemed to affect her tummy and she suffered with eczema. I also had no energy and with the lack of sleep and new found motherhood, energy was definitely a commodity I needed in spades. I felt so tired, sluggish, bloated from grains and in serious need of a good balanced diet. But what did that mean?

Soon I went on a journey of eliminating dairy, sugar and grains. Before I knew it, we were loving the paleo lifestyle and feeling great! Best of all, my little one no longer had cramps.

The more I researched, the more I found recipes that called for cassava flour, but I had no idea what that was and it was nowhere to be seen in South Africa. Then in 2015 we went on a family trip to Mauritius and I found cassava flour there, in a quaint store.

I brought as many bags home as my baggage would allow and immediately started baking. My kids were especially happy to eat pancakes and breads again that actually tasted like the real deal! We were over the moon.

It took no more than a few weeks for the valuable flour to run out and, back to square one, I started searching relentlessly for shops that sell Cassava flour. After no success, one night over a cassava-less dinner we decided that if no one in South Africa has it, we’ll import it!


An endless search ensued trying to find a high quality cassava flour that was not inconsistent, dull and musty or most importantly, not crunchy. We are happy to announce that the search was worth it and we are very excited to introduce Health Riot’s Cassava flour to you! Enjoy your baking!

Cassava Flour